Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General questions

How do I report a change of address or bank account for my salary payment? Read the answer

How can I obtain a basic certificate of employment, with or without mentioning my salary? You obtain a certificate of employment directly by going to SESAME > HR – My Space > My personal space (HR) > My documents and certificates.

How can I get my annual salary certificate for taxes? Read the answer

How can I get a work certificate? Read the answer

How do I get my monthly salary statement? Read the answer

I need to register for unemployment and I need a document from the EPFL. Who can I contact? E.g. unemployment form, pay slips, copy of contract. Read the answer

How do I register my absence due to illness or accident, and attach my medical certificate if necessary? Read the answer

How can I declare an occupational and non-occupational accident? Read the answer

How do I register my change of marital status? E.g. marriage, children, divorce? Read the answer

I need to renew my work permit and I need an EPFL stamp to go to the commune. Who can I contact? Read the answer

I would like to plan my retirement. Who can I contact to initiate the process and ask my questions? You can send your questions in an email to [email protected].

I need an SBB pass, how can I get a discount voucher for the GA or how can I get a free Half Fare Travelcard? Read the answer.

My SBB pass is about to expire, how can I renew it ? Read the answer.

How can I request paid or unpaid leave? Read the answer

How do I report my ‘special’ absence and what is my right ? E.g. illness of a child or a dependant, marriage, birth, death, etc. Read the answer

You can send an email to [email protected] to receive the status of your application.

Specific questions – Training

Please click on this link

The training courses delivered by the Learning & Development team do not give right to ECTS credits.

To all employees of the Institution with an EPFL employment contract of indefinite or definite duration.

The internal training courses listed in the Service’s online catalog are available free of charge to EPFL personnel (professors, scientific, technical and administrative staff and doctoral assistants).

If you are interested in a complete or unplanned training course, please send an e-mail to [email protected] in order to place the person concerned on the waiting list. As soon as a session is scheduled or a place is available, an invitation will be sent as a priority.

Please refer to the “User guide – FPS portal (PDF document)“.

The employee is released from his or her time to attend the training if it takes place during working hours. The training day is counted in proportion to the activity rate: for a 50% employee, for example, 8 hours of training = 4 hours of work.

Specific questions – Salaries

If you are hired for more than 3 months, you must open an account with a Swiss bank. Revolut accounts are not accepted.

The salary is paid on the 25th of the month. If the 25th coincides with a weekend or a public holiday, the salary is paid on the previous working day.

We make advances on salary for the first month of activity only in order to allow a guarantee of rent or other. For other requests, please contact your HR Manager.

Salaries are quoted in gross terms and are therefore subject to deductions for social security contributions and taxes.

At EPFL, the 13th salary is paid in November (11/12) and December (1/12). If you started during the year, it is paid pro rata temporis. Thus, an employee who started in September will receive 3/12 in November and 1/12 in December. For employees who leave during the year, the 13th salary is paid with the last salary on a pro rata basis.

If you started on the 15th of the month, no contribution is deducted. It will start the following month.

The reference salaries mentioned on our website are the reference salaries at the time of hiring.

Salary increases only take place in January. For assistant professors, the increase is CHF 1’000/year. If you started during the year, you received a prorata temporis increase.

Specific questions – Taxes

In the canton of Vaud, people who are taxed at source are not required to file a tax return. You can contest the amount of tax or request a subsequent ordinary taxation (TOU in french) until March 31 of the tax year following the due date of the service. This procedure is personal/individual and does not concern the EPFL. It is important to know that subsequent ordinary taxation may turn out to be in your favour or against you, and that once initiated, subsequent ordinary taxation is applied until the end of your tax liability. If you wish to claim additional deductions, you can file a simplified tax return. For more information, please refer to the instructions of the authorities

As you are not a Swiss citizen or C permit holder (or married to a Swiss citizen or C permit holder), withholding tax must be deducted from you on the basis of your salary and your family situation (married, single, working spouse, children, etc.). For more information.

We do not manage the contacts with the tax authorities. It is the employee’s responsibility to make contact.



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