FAQ – Satisfaction Survey

You will find on this page the main questions regarding the satisfaction survey. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

I work in several units, do I have to take the survey several times?

You only need to answer the survey once. 

For individuals in multiple units, the following principles were applied:

  1. the highest rate of work determined unit attachment.
  2. If an individual has his or her work time equally divided across multiple units, then seniority in one unit takes precedence over the other unit(s).
  3. If a person has their time split equally across multiple units and started working at exactly the same time with the same managers, then the alphabetical order of the unit will determine which team takes precedence.

All responses submitted are tied to a unit attachment and can only appear in one specific report, provided there are at least 5 responses. We have provided Empiricon with a list of staff members and their attachment to a unit.

I didn’t have time to finish the survey, can I finish it later?

The survey takes about 20 minutes to be completed. If you’re interrupted, you can save your answer and continue to complete the survey later. 

I want to modify my answers, is it possible?

Once the questionnaire is submitted, it will not be possible to modify your answers.

Will EPFL have access to my individual answers?

No, EPFL will not have access to individual employees’ answers. EPFL will receive a consolidated report from Empiricon. A minimum of 5 responses will be required to obtain a report. If this minimum is not reached, the report will not be issued.

What data EPFL has provided to Empiricon?

In order to obtain reports allowing an analysis and relevant action plans, EPFL has provided the following information via a secured platform: Last name, first name, job category, seniority (year), year of birth, email address, attachment to the unit, name of the unit manager.

Who is managing the email address “[email protected]”?

Jessica Pallie (HR Project and Process Manager) and Noémie Cavalluzzo (HR Generalist) are the only people who view and respond to these messages. For follow-up purposes, we ask that you write to this email address if you have any questions.

Will the results be published?

The results at the institutional level will be published on our website in the summer of 2023. The action plans, once defined, will also be published.

The unit’s results will be communicated by their managers or delegates and action plans will be defined in collaboration between the manager or delegates and team members. 

Which topics are covered in the survey?

The survey topics cover are linked to motivational drivers and were proposed by our external partner Empiricon. Specific topics linked to EPFL were added as they are important topics impacting the engagement. 

I lead a team, will I receive automatically a report?

If your team has less than 5 employees (excluding the manager), you will not receive a report. If there are more than 5 employees in a team, a report could be sent if and only if 5 employees have answered the survey.

What should I do once I receive the report?

In due course, you will receive a guide to understanding the report, tips for communicating the results to your team and how to draft an action plan.