Friendly website

Hi, here is a website with some biblical themes, which I esteem important to connect texts from the Genesis with the Gospels and approach a reading of the Ancient Testament in the perspective of the Gospels. Texts are accompanied by commentaries of the Fathers of the Church and also some jewish commentaries in order to have a better comprehension of the Hebrew text. Unfortunately the website is in French, but I hope to be able to offer an english version too, in the future.

I also created a big data base of 2500 images and 900 pages of texts about iconographic themes of the Bible. For every image, you will also find commentaries of authors living in the same centuries of the selected images, in the field “documents associés”.

Here is also a website dedicated to inter-religious dialogue. You will find in it texts and musics of different spiritualities: christian, jewish, muslim, Indian.

For any remark, question, exchange, suggestion, pleas contact me at my email address:

[email protected]