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Café Théopoli

What’s the point of believing? Having children today? The horror of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, world peace, the future of the climate, the “responsible multinationals” initiative… If you’re interested in any of these topics, come and have a chat about them over a coffee break!

If you’re interested in these topics, come and have a coffee break! The idea is to open up a space for sharing on these and other subjects. These are fairly personal subjects, and a framework of confidentiality and non-judgment will be established at the outset.

No specialist knowledge is required, just the interest of broadening horizons through mutual learning. If each of us is left alone with these questions, we can sometimes feel alone, or even overwhelmed by the state of the world. Discussing these issues together can provide some keys to understanding, and increase one’s own resilience.

Next meetings: March 20 + April 24, May 22, June 12 and 26, at 10am. No need to register, just turn up!

Meeting point : UNIL, (POL 249)