Facing the challenges of climate and precariousness in Senegal

Empowerment and development in the face of the challenges of climate and precariousness in Senegal

On February 28, between 12.15 and 1pm (BC 02 EPFL), we’ll be hearing from Safiatou Baldé Loum, who has been working for years in the service of development and empowerment in Senegal.

This woman has more than one perspective. She is a geographer by training, with a master’s degree in public health and an MBA. She works mainly in rural areas. Her background and skills enable her to make valuable contributions to grassroots communities, focusing on knowledge building (education, training) and promoting the local economy. 

Her training as a geographer enables her to understand the importance of environmental and socio-economic dynamics in Senegal. She has acquired an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing rural communities, particularly with regard to adaptation to climate change, land grabbing, low adult literacy rates, youth unemployment, and growing and persistent household poverty. 

Faced with these challenges, she and her organization, CERFLA, are committed to strengthening the knowledge of local players, and to safeguarding the natural resources of pastoral communities in the Ferlo, through essential development levers such as education (particularly literacy), training and advocacy. 

 During her presentation, Safiatou Baldé Loum will share her knowledge of models for resilience and adaptation to climate change.

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