Five-day fasting

A chance to let go
of excess
and refocus on the essentials

The food fast will take place over five days from March 12 to 16, with a descent planned from March 8. It is lived through three face-to-face encounters and is part of an ecological perspective, with the conviction that change begins within us.

An information evening is scheduled for Tuesday March 5 at 6:15pm at the Unil chaplaincy (Amphipole 249) to present the approach and answer any questions you may have. This is an extremely important time to learn about the physical elements of entering the food fast… which will take place the very next day.

👉🏽 it is IMPERATIVE to register to follow the food fast with us.

For any questions or information: email


Over the five days, we’ll be meeting in the chaplaincy building at unil (Amphipole 249) three times at the end of the day, on March 12, 14 and 16, to share and deepen this experience. More information later.

Afraid of going on a food fast?

In fact, fasting for a week is not a performance at all, and is easier than you might think. It simply requires gradual entry and exit, good preparation, and attention to a few specific elements. Rest assured, this won’t prevent you from carrying out your usual activities – apart from extreme sports?

Fasting can be thought of in three dimensions:

  • Physical. Good for the body, fasting has many virtues for cleansing and renewing our organism. To get the week off to a good start, we’ll be following the Buchinger method (named after a German doctor). But beware: fasting is not a kind of “diet” to slim down.
  • Solidarity. Not eating helps us to feel, in our own flesh, the lack, thirst and hunger felt by millions of people around the world. In this sense, fasting enables us to revisit our relationship to consumption, to material goods, to humanity in its North-South complexity, and opens the way to happy sobriety, for example. We propose to pool the money we won’t have spent on food to support the projects of two NGOs: Bread for All and Action de Carême.
  • Spiritual. By entering into the experience of the finitude of our bodies, fasting finally and naturally opens us up to what lies beyond them: what grounds our earthly life and gives it meaning. During the meeting times, we will question ourselves, solo and in groups, on different facets of our lives: material goods, relationships with others, with the earth, etc. This will be a time for rethinking and rethinking the way we live our lives. This will be a time to reread our lives, our choices, and to ask ourselves about the absolutes that ground and guide our lives.

Cost: The chaplaincy suggests a voluntary contribution of 10 Frs per person, to cover the logistics and services we benefit from with the umbrella organization voir et agir, which gives us access to advice on the bodily dimension of fasting, in particular.
But don’t let money be an obstacle to fasting! – We can always work something out.