Respect Training

In 45 minutes, the “You’re not alone. Promoting respect” e-learning module teaches you how to identify inappropriate behaviors and react to situations that cannot be tolerated. It is part of the “EPFL Essentials“, which all community members should follow. A specific track is available for team leaders and faculty members, due to their legal responsibility to intervene in case of harassment, discrimination or violence.

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In this 4-part podcast, Helene Fueger, Equal Opportunity Delegate, talked to different members of EPFL to understand how we all have a role to play in promoting a culture of respect on a daily basis.

Episode 1 (in French only)

With Nathalie Ritter, Head of Student Affairs Service

How do you react when an individual confides in you about a situation of sexual harassment?

Episode 2

With Nick Morgan, PhD Student, Head of Communication, PolyDoc

PhD students, privileged witnesses with no power to act?

Episode 3

With Camille Montemagni, Member of the Harassment Task Force, and Thibault Touzain, Coordinator of the Prevention Team, AGEPoly

Homophobia and discrimination: Why do they matter and what can we do about it?

Episode 4

With Michele Ceriotti, Associate Professor, and Jigyasa Nigam, PhD Student

PhD students and professors, an impossible relationship?