Innovation projects

Innovation projects allow the exploration of emerging fields. They represent one of the main characteristics of EPFL and its know-how in encouraging transdisciplinary collaborations, thus ensuring that its research and innovation have a scientific, economic and societal impact.

Distinguished by theme, innovation projects play a transversal role and allow the five EPFL faculties, the two colleges and the extended campuses to collaborate in order to carry out interdisciplinary research projects.


Pascal Vuilliomenet
Strategic Project Manager

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New initiatives

Social Impact

Tech4Impact aims to design value creation from technologies by also integrating social impact. This initiative, which aims to better integrate social impact into the various innovation activities at EPFL, includes the creation of a Yunus Social Business Center at EPFL (in partnership with Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2006 and inventor of micro-credit).

Technology in the service of sport

EPFL is a scientific advisor for the field of sport and is part of the SMART MOVE network. The latter brings together 9 academic institutions, offering know-how and infrastructure to athletes, federations and companies to develop their performance and expertise. Smart Move also offers a very wide range of training and research.

All innovation projects

Distinguished by theme, innovation initiatives serve as a link between EPFL’s research laboratories and industrial and public partners. Their role is to encourage innovation and technology transfer through partnerships with industry or the public sector.



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