Information Systems

The Information Systems Department is responsible for implementing EPFL’s digital strategy. Its missions include, in a combination of direct responsibilities and matrix responsibilities, the development and implementation of EPFL’s IT strategy and master plan, IT security, management of the central IT infrastructure, application management core-business, as well as coordination with the faculties’ IT departments.


Head of Department

Rafael Corvalán

Our vision

To develop a secure, efficient, reliable IS focused on user needs facilitating access to information and increasing EPFL’s operational efficiency.
Be the key strategic partner for EPFL’s information technologies initiatives.

Our strategy

  • DSI is responsible for transforming EPFL into a truly digital and sustainable administration. It supports responsible digitalization initiatives in teaching, research and innovation.
  • DSI provides a platform for distributed IT services (from faculties, other vice-presidencies, centres); our goal is to strengthen them in their missions of proximity and operation of applications specific to their profession, and to group services together when their original specificity disappears.
  • We acknowledge to technological developments and needs, avoid technological debt, and continually identify new areas of added value for DSI.

Our technological principles

  • Cloud first Design
    As far as our legal framework allows, DSI implements solutions in the cloud (SaaS) and available in a format adapted to mobile terminals.
  • Privacy and Security by Design
    DSI considers the elements of privacy and security from the outset of digital initiatives and maintains a high level of standards throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Make or Buy split
    We deploy commercial solutions (COTS) by default and prioritise the use of our strategic platforms. We develop in-house solutions when no solution on the market can meet a specific need.
  • Internal vs Outsourced IT activities
    We carry out strategic activities internally and are constantly looking for opportunities to outsource activities with low added value or of a highly specialised nature.

Services and units

Head ad interim : Rafael Corvalán

Head : Eric Cardoso


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IS Forum

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