Governance, Development and Operations


The mission of GOUV is to:

  • Identify and manage the main risks of the School’s IS.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Governance Committees (CSI, CRM Informatique) and the audits of the IS (CEPF, CDF) as well as requests relating to LPD / GDPR.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to IS.
  • Put in place effective control processes.
  • Ensure IS coherence in architectural terms.
  • Manage the governance systems of the VPSI (IAM).
  • Ensure good use of the VPSI budget.

Moreover, and this ad-interim, the GOUV also deals with the IS of Education (GIF) whose main missions are to analyze the business needs of the academic field and implement the corresponding IT solutions as well as to provide support to users of applications related to these applications.

Head of Department: Bruce Colombet

Development, Projects and System Engineering

The Service is at the heart of creating value of the Information System and its evolutions. Our teams collaborate with the EPFL professionals to develop, enrich and consolidate IT solutions, while maintaining their stability. They also advise on the potential impact of solutions on business processes and propose process improvements based on standard market solutions.

The services of the Service are mainly:

  • Needs Analysis.
  • Chief of Projects.
  • Application Developments.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) integration.
  • Maintenance and evolution of the software fleet.
  • Technical advice and expertise.

Head of Department:  Eric Cardoso

IT Infrastructure and Operations (ITOP)

ITOP’s mission is centered around 4 functions that structure the management of infrastructure from the design phase to operational activities.

  • The design and planning of an infrastructure adapted to the needs and requirements of the business lines.
  • Deployment and implementation of projects, change management.
  • Management of operations for services in production.
  • Technical support and expertise.

Head of Department:  Dr. Philippe Morel