Project governance

PPM – Projects Portfolio Management

PPM Mission and organisation

PPM is the acronym for Projects Portfolio Management. This working group was initiated by the VPSI and aims to contribute to monitoring, the control and the portfolio management of projects involving EPFL Information Systems. If you have any questions, please contact the PPM coordinator: Chiara Mugelli von Burg.

The main missions are:

  • Analyse new IT project requests and deliver opinions.
  • Ensure alignment of new projects with EPFL and VPSI strategies.
  • Validate the entry of new projects into the PPM portfolio.
  • Ensure added value and quality of the projects.
  • Rank and prioritize the projects of the portfolio (in agreement with the Vice-Presidents, projects sponsors, steering committees and project managers).
  • Track portfolio and project evolution (indicators, reports, etc.).
  • Discuss internal EPFL changes (policies, business processes, strategies, etc.) with PPM members.
  • Advise on control and project management.
  • Provide project support for HR, financial resources and communication management.

PPM composition

PPM group composition may vary from year to year. The members meet once a month to analyse the portfolio projects and specific files. The current composition is the following:

  • P: Caroline Ferguson
  • VPO : Alfredo Sanchez (Etat-Major), Rafael Corvalan (SI), Nicolas Meyer (projets RH stratégiques)
  • VPT: Alfredo Sanchez en collaboration avec Agnès Le Tiec
  • VPF : Olivier Colomb
  • VPA: Paul Sunderland (Etat-Major), Patrick Jermann (Education), Andrea Crottini (Recherche)
  • VPI : Robert Giezendanner-Thoben
  • GOUV : Salim Guerid
  • IDEV : Eric Cardoso
  • EXOP : Philippe Morel
  • IDEV : Chiara Mugelli von Burg
  • ServiceNow IT Business Management : Projet Portfolio Management


Project portfolio

Project list (from the planning phase)