Project governance

PPM – Projects Portfolio Mnagement

Mission and organisation of PPM (Projects Portfolio Management)

The VPO has implemented a Demand Management (DM) and a Portfolio Management (PM) processes.
The DM covers the life cycle of project requests: reception, evaluation, analysis, prioritization and launch of the project or termination of the request.
The PM monitors the health of the entire portfolio of projects and programs and ensures that good practices are respected. It includes the assessment and the monitoring of dependencies between projects in the portfolio.

The structure responsible for managing the digitalization projects and IT infrastructure projects and programs is: the PPM IS
The main missions of the PPM are:

  • Maintain a vision of the health of the projects and programs portfolio (Key Performance Indicator KPI, risks, etc.);
  • Guarantee the application of methodologies and standards (Ex.: HERMES);
  • Evaluate and monitor dependencies between projects, programs and other portfolios;
  • Provide support and advice to project and program stakeholders: project and program Managers (CP), Sponsors, CoPil Members, etc.
  • Evaluate and monitor deviations of planning, scope and resources (financial, human);
  • Report risk or critical situations to management bodies;
  • Adapt, the sequencing of projects in the overall portfolio planning, according to defined needs and criteria.

PPM composition

The composition of the PPM may vary from one year to the next. Members meet once a month to analyse the project portfolio and specific files. The current composition is as follows:

  • P: Carole Guex Marmy
  • VPO: Alfredo Sanchez (EM), Luc Tritten (EM), Rafael Corvalan (SI)
  • VPT: Agnès Le Tiec
  • VPF: Olivier Colomb
  • VPA: Fatine Ezbakhe
  • IPV: Lisa-Luna Letist
  • Schools: Gaël Anex
  • IS Governance
  • IS Academic Services – Eric Cardoso
  • IS Central Services – Jean-Maurice Jeannerat
  • IT Operations and Infrastructure – Philippe Morel
  • ServiceNow Project & Portfolio Management


Project portfolio

Project list (from the planning phase)