Academic Committees

Academic Committees play a central role as valuable advisory bodies for the Direction in a range of strategic areas

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CEAE – EPFL Committee of Academic Evaluation

The EPFL CEA guarantees compliance with international standards of excellence, as part of the promotion process for faculty careers

Academic Strategic Committee (ACS)

The Academic Strategic Committee advises the Direction on academic matters related to EPFL’s core missions. The committee is composed of EPFL professors appointed or elected by the Deans, School councils and the Direction

EPFL Research Awards Commission

The Research Awards Commission reviews the qualifications of candidates proposed by the Schools according to criteria of excellence before nominating them for prestigious EPFL research awards

Open Science Strategic Committee (OSSC)

The OSSC represents the EPFL academic community in institutional matters related to Open Science and establishes the predominant role of researchers in shaping EPFL’s vision for it