Evaluation of EPFL’s Schools and Colleges

In accordance with Article 10b of ETH Law, the ETH Board requires an external evaluation of the faculties and colleges of the EPFL every 8 years. The ETH Board takes note of the results.

The framework conditions for evaluations at the EPFL are described in the guidelines and procedure for the evaluation of faculties and colleges at the EPFL. This document was written in coordination with ETH Zurich after benchmarking the practices of the best world-class technological universities. In summary, the EPFL’s Direction selects the jury and establishes the terms of reference for this evaluation. The self-evaluation phase is organized by the Dean of the Faculty or the Director of the College. The external experts conduct the evaluation phase and report to the EPFL’s Direction.

By 2020, all faculties and colleges have been evaluated at least once. A new cycle of evaluations begins in 2023 with the IC faculty and SV in 2024.

A Handbook explaining the School and Colleges evaluation process has been introduced in March 2024. For a copy of the handbook, please contact Ewa Mariéthoz.



Last update May 3rd, 2024, Ewa Mariéthoz