Planning and Treasury Department

The Planning and Treasury Department (PLAN) leads EPFL’s overall annual budget process as well as the medium- and long-term strategic financial planning. It manages current cash flow, plans liquidity requirements and develops financial and investment strategies.

Our six-people team actively contributes to EPFL's strategic planning and promotes a culture of informed decision-making in order to advance the School's missions.

Marie-Odile Koehler, Head of the Planning and Treasury Department.

Our main missions

Budget and planning:

  • Planning the School’s medium- and long-term financial needs, in accordance with strategic guidelines.
  • Conduct of the EPFL’s annual budget process.
  • Coordination of EPFL budget requests to the ETH Domain.
  • Development of strategic and financial indicators for the Directorate.


  • Liquidity management, cash requirements planning, banking relationship
  • Currency risks monitoring and implementation of currency hedging and operations.
  • Monitoring and strategic management of securities portfolios.
  • Analysis and reporting on cash flow data for the ETH Board and the EPFL Directorate.