Human resources

In partnership with all EPFL stakeholders, we attract, develop and nurture all employees so that our unique and vibrant teams and individuals are aligned with the School’s missions.

We offer local services in the following areas, among others :

  • Recruitment and development of its human capital;
  • Efficient and reliable administrative management;
  • Competitive and fair working conditions for all employees;
  • Support and guidance for the managerial line;
  • Developing professional skills (promoting and attracting talent) by fostering continuous training and encouraging internal mobility, as well as leadership and management training programs for our academic and administrative staff;
  • Supporting changes related to organizational, technological, societal and regulatory developments;
  • A work environment that guarantees the protection of personality, health and integrity (mediation and conflict resolution);
  • Performance management that is measurable and realistic, promoting dialogue and skills development.


Target group of people


Claudia Noth

Caring, Daring and Sharing

“I look forward to contributing to EPFL’s future development. I am certain that Human Resources needs to play a role as a trusted partner in “Caring, daring and sharing” by looking after employees, having the courage to ask questions and give feedback, as well as encouraging sharing within the School.” – Claudia Noth, April 2020

Services and units

Head of unit : Mathieu Helbling

Head of unit : Véronique Demeuse

Head of unit : Claudia Noth

Head of unit : Armin Zöllner

Head of unit : Emilio Perez


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