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Human Resources – Senior Management
Edouard Bugnion Vice President of Information Systems and Human Resources
Claudia Noth Director of Human Resources
Véronique Demeuse Deputy Director of Human Resources
Armin Zöllner Head of Salaries and Social Insurances
Mathieu Helbling Head of HR Operations
Francine Oberlé Assistant
Margaret Escandari-Church Management Assistant
Human Resources – Management
Claudia Noth Director of Human Resources
Alexa Briancourt HR Manager VPE, VPR
Eliane Gesseney Laeri HR Manager IC, CDH, CDM Faculties
Monique Grin Celka HR Manager SB Faculty
François Jaccottet HR Manager VPSI, VPFI
Stéphanie Jacquot HR Manager STI Faculty
Laure Ledru HR Manager SV Faculty
Roger Monin HR Manager P, VPRH, VPI
Anne Gilliéron HR Manager
ENAC Faculty
Chantal Gallandre HR Manager VPE, VPR
Lauranne Proquier HR Generalist
STI Faculty
Human Resources – Policies and Practices
Véronique Demeuse Deputy Director of Human Resources
Ines Ariceta Project Officer
Human Resources – Operations
Mathieu Helbling Head of HR Operations
Valérie Bise HR Assistant IC, CDH, CDM Faculties
Noémie Cavalluzzo HR Assistant P, VPE, VPR, VPI
Cathy Freire HR Assistant SB Faculty
Maude Lazzarotto HR Assistant VPSI
Patricia Neuhaus Lakasi HR Assistant STI Faculty
Françoise Maneint HR Assistant SV Faculty
Lydia Porreca HR Assistant IC, CDH, CDM Faculties
Monika Salas HR Assistant STI Faculty
Christiane Savoy HR Assistant ENAC Faculty
Virginie Taillard HR Assistant SB Faculty
Aurélien Ballif HR Assistant  
Martine Challand HR Coordinator Geneva Coordination; STI, SV Faculties
Alexia Tucci Bichsel Administrative Specialist  
Corinne Vioget HR Assistant ENAC Faculty, VPRH, VPFI
Michèle Rüegg Mangili Administrative Employee Reception
Gaëtan Quentin Wild
Administrative Employee
Human Resources – Salaries and Social Insurances
Armin Zöllner Head of Salaries and Social Insurances
Eric Vionnet Social Insurance & Pensions administration All Faculties except ENAC
Anthony Capt Social Insurance administration  
Isil Keskin Salaries Secretary SB Faculty
Alain Maillard Salaries Secretary


Céline Chalvet Salaries Secretary STI Faculty
Isaline Wahli Salaries Secretary ENAC, IC, CDH, CDM Faculties
  Social Insurance administration ENAC Faculty
Sandy Pottier Transport Secretary, Child benefits administration All Faculties
  APG pour service militaire/civil  
Yvan Hürlimann Administrative Employee Toutes les facultés
Pascale Guillot Absences. Administrative Employee  
Diana Freese Absences. Administrative Employee  
Training and Development
Staff Training Services
Emilio Perez Head of Staff Training Services  
Fanny Leuenberger SFP Administrative Employee  
Maria Barone Training Project Administrator  
Muriel Videlier Onboarding Course Administrator  
Roberto Zoia Office Suite Trainer  
Clarissa Nicolet SFP Administrative Employee  
Talent Management
Eric Meurville Talent Manager  
Francis Perritaz Apprentice Coordinator All Faculties
Karine Genoud Head of Commercial Apprentice Training All Faculties