CAMIPRO – your multifunction campus card

The CAMIPRO card is your EPFL student (or staff) card. It is therefore a sort of EPFL identity card. It is an electronic chip card, that allows you to use a variety of functionalities, and to benefit from a number of advantages, detailed on this website.

Your CAMIPRO card plays the role of electronic wallet, and thus will allow you to pay in all campus shops and stores without cash (and to get a discount in some cases).

Your card is also your personal means to access some controled rooms, to borrow a bike, to get a discount in selected external stores, etc.

The CAMIPRO card is personal and not transferable.


Card problem (defective, blocked, swallowed by a kiosk) :

  • Students : Services aux Etudiants desk, BP1229, phone 021-693 43 45
  • Staff and hosts : phone  021-693 66 66, email : [email protected]

Electronic money (charging, point of sale, Selecta automat)

Phone : 021-693 12 34, email : [email protected]

PCC : Access problems (lost or stolen card, facility access problem)

Phone : 021-693 40 00, email : [email protected]


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Money transfer with CAMIPRO

— Money transfer between CAMIPRO users is now available. You can you reimburse your friends or colleagues simply and quickly from the myCAMIPRO website or the EPFL Campus application.

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Block and reactivate your card on myCamipro

— If you lost your CAMIPRO card, you can now block it yourself right away on myCamipro. And if you find it later, you can also reactivate it easily.

CAMIPRO : New features and responsive web site

CAMIPRO : New features and responsive web site

— As welcome gift for 2017, your myCAMIPRO space gains new features with the payment of green parking spaces (employees and students) and requests for Mobilis discount coupons for employees. And as a bonus, the entire web site CAMIPRO as well as myCAMIPRO is responsive and therefore usable at 100% on tablets and smarthpones.

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The Camipro card gets a new layout

— The era of the layout of the back of the Camipro card, designed in 2005, has come to an end. Room now for a new layout, declined in 4 variations, showing the modernism and the dynamism of the School, created by the graphist of the Repro, Anne-Sylvie Borter.

© 2014 EPFL

I pay with my Camipro card at Migros!

— Since May 2014, the different shops and restaurants at the Quartier Nord are beginning to get equipped with Camipro payment terminals, the Migros grocery store being a pioneer, and the bar Tech-a-Break following shortly after. Hopefully more shops will decide to opt for this modern payment means.

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