A single card to get student prices at UNIL and EPFL restaurants

If you are a student or a PhD student at EPFL, you can benefit from the UNIL student or PhD prices by paying with your CAMIPRO card.

For this, you must first register as your CAMIPRO card must be configured to be read in UNIL restaurants. In other words, you CAMIPRO card will contain two electronic purses, one EPFL and one UNIL.

The registration is subject to acceptance of the Campus Card terms and conditions.

Once your CAMIPRO card is registred at UNIL, you can load it at one of the UNIL card loaders. You will then have two separate electronic purses on your card.

Register for payment at UNIL for EPFL Camipro users

As a EPFL user, you can activate yourself your card at UNIL with this app :

CampusCard vs EPFL

Register for payment at EPFL for UNIL Campus Card users

As a UNIL user, you can activate yourself your card at EPFL with this app :

myCamipro – UNIL Card activation

Manual procedure for registering at UNIL :

  1. To get the UNIL discount prices, students and PhD must apply by e-mail to [email protected] :
    • Subject: « Etudiant EPFL-Payement à l’UNIL»
    • Message body :lastname, firstname, date of birth, sex, CAMIPRO card nr. (or Sciper #)
    • Attachment : scan of your CAMIPRO card validated for the current semester
  2. After processing the application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will then have to go to the Campus Card office (Amphimax building, gound floor) with your CAMIPRO card in order to get it configured.
  3. The validity of the card can be extended each semester by sending an email to [email protected], attaching the scan of the CAMIPRO card validated for that semester.

Teachers and staff of both institutions got already the same prices, thanks to the “Campus” price which is given by presentation of the CAMIPRO card at cash desk.