myPrint (printing and copying)

Your CAMIPRO card also works with the EPFL myPrint system, which is a system targetting to homogenize the school printing system, and to introduce reporting. The CAMIPRO card allows you to authenticate yourself on some of the printers (the ones on which the printing is launched from the printer), to:

  • Copy
  • Print a document that was previously sent in the printing line, on “pool” or Realease Station printers
  • Scan documents and send them by email

On all the other printers, the printing is direct and doesn not require any CAMIPRO card.

Your CAMIPRO card carries two purses:

  • the CAMIPRO purse, used for payments in cafeterias, shops, vending machines. You can load this purse at CAMIPRO chargers, at the AGEPoly shop, or via e-banking.
  • the myPrint purse, used exclusively for myPrint. Each student gets a certain amount of money (=print allocation) at the beginning of the semester. Once this initial allocation is finished, you can recharge your myPrint purse with your CAMIPRO purse.

Load your myPrint account with CAMIPRO