Identification / validation

The CAMIPRO card is used as an identification card on the whole EPFL campus. It contains the unique information that qualifies for the holder : first name, last name, SCIPER number (6-digit unique EPFL identification number), picture and NEBIS identification bar code (library network). The card also has a rewriteable (the matte surface at the top of the card), that contains informations that could change such as your status and the date of end of validity. Since your CAMIPRO card is an identification card on the EPFL Campus, the EPFL security companies can ask you to show it, when performing an identification request.

At each status or validity date change, you have to update the rewriteable, it is called validation. This validation is done at CAMIPRO infoterminals, by putting the card in the infoterminal and pushing the button “Validation” on the screen.