CAMIPRO payment

The points of sale on campus are equipped with the CAMIPRO system. When you pay with your CAMIPRO card you get discounts depending on your status.

How to pay ?

To pay, just put your card on the CAMIPRO reader, as shown on the picture above. Your account will be automatically debited.

Where can I pay with my CAMIPRO card ?

Restaurants, cafeterias, shops and food trucks

Go to the Restaurants page to consult the restaurants on the EPFL campus.

The daily menus of the different restaurants are available on the page Offre du jour dans tous les points de restauration. The prices of meals are indicated according to your status.

If you wish to eat at UNIL, please visit this page.

Vending machines

There are many vending machines equipped with the CAMIPRO system on campus. These have various foodstuffs, drinks and non-food products such as disinfectants, etc.

The vending machines on campus are equipped with both cash and CAMIPRO payment systems.


You can also use your CAMIPRO card to pay your photocopies, on the myPrint-managed copiers. Use the myPrint website to locate them.