Vice Presidency for Finances (VPF)

The Vice Presidency for Finances (VPF) is responsible for developing and implementing EPFL’s financial strategy. It oversees financial planning, controlling, accounting and treasury operations.

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The VPF makes sure that our School’s resources are used efficiently and effectively. It helps EPFL’s management team and individual schools make the right financial decisions for the short, medium and long term. It also provides expert advice to our School’s vice presidencies, departments and other units.

The VPF establishes the accounting and financial processes used at our School and coordinates risk-mitigation efforts. And in an effort to continuously improve processes, it develops sophisticated financial management systems to meet the needs of our users and the requirements of our various stakeholders.

Organizational structure

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Vice President

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The Accounting Department keeps our School’s accounts and manages the consolidation process.

The Controlling Department plays a key role in continuously improving our processes, procedures and management systems.

The Planning and Treasury Department manages the School’s annual budgeting process and develops our medium- and long-term financial planning strategy.

The Internal Control and Risk Management Department coordinates our School’s risk analysis efforts and implements mitigation measures.

The Program Management Office is responsible for leading the change process in EPFL’s financial operations.

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Services of the VPF

The VPF offers a range of services along with contacts and resources for more information.

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EPFL provides information and assistance for business and educational travel.

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Financial toolkit (fr)

The Financial Toolkit contains the forms, documents and other information you need to take full advantage of the VPF’s services.


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