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The Academic Data Unit (ACAD) aims to unite the schools, central services and external partners of EPFL around strategic and operational analyses of the academic field, to enable effective decision-making based on structured data and modern tools necessary for the management of a world-class university.


  • Consolidation, validation, structuring and valorization of academic data related to education, research and technology transfer.
  • Production and maintenance of reports, analyses, statistics and information tools for the entire EPFL community and its external partners (CEPF, OFS, ranking agencies, academic networks, general public).
  • Formulation and implementation of a general data governance principles, in partnership with the rest of the units.
Alexander Nebel

How many publications does EPFL produce in a particular field compared to our peer universities? What is the mapping of research fields at EPFL? What are the main drivers of the student population growth and what long-term growth scenarios can we expect? These are just a few of the questions that the ACAD team can help answer.

Alexander Nebel, Head of Unit


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