Associate Vice Presidency for Research (AVP-R)

@ Alain Herzog / EPFL 2021

About the AVP-R

The Associate Vice Presidency for Research coordinates and oversees the activity of the central services for research support, the Research Office and the Technology Transfer Office. It contributes to the management and valorisation of national and international collaborative research projects at EPFL.

In collaboration with the other Associate Vice Presidents of the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs, my goal is to contribute to the pursuit of the strategic axes of research and development at EPFL, to interdisciplinary exchanges and the strengthening of core disciplines, and to an increased integration between research and education across the campus

Ambrogio Fasoli, Associate Vice President for Research

Services and Units

The Research Office mainly supports EPFL research community in administative tasks linked to research projects. It also coordinates large projects and ensure ethical clearance for research projects.

The Technology Transfer Office works with EPFL researchers to turn their technologies into business opportunities that can benefit society – in particular by capturing and licensing EPFL’s intellectual property assets, managing collaborations with industry, and by accelerating the commercialization of early stage technologies.


AVP-R Secretary

[email protected]


Deputy to the Associate Vice President for Research

Caroline Ferguson 
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