Internal Control and Risk Management Department

The Internal Control and Risk Management Department (CIGR) coordinates risk analysis, monitoring and implementation of mitigation measures to ensure the protection of EPFL’s value components. These include, among other things, human capital, reputation, infrastructures, as well as tangible and intangible financial resources. The CIGR is responsible for monitoring the internal control system, which ensures that the School’s activities are in line with the legal bases to which it is subject (compliance). It also coordinates the numerous internal and external audits, which cover EPFL entities. Finally, it manages insurance and carries out internal control missions.


Hakim Hadjeres

Audits, risk management, compliance or insurance… these are just a few of the keywords that make up our daily activity. Our three-people team provides support and advice to the School's employees to maintain efficient work processes and ensure that the control activities in place correspond to the expected level of risk.

Hakim Hadjeres, Head of the Internal Control and Risk Management Department.


Our main missions

Risk managementby ensuring that risk holders monitor potential risks and, in the event of a major change, communicate them directly to the Risk Management Committee (RMC) – in accordance with the Directive of the Council of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (CEPF) on risk management in the ETH and research institutions.

Internal control to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and directives as well as the prevention and detection of errors and irregularities in the financial field.

Coordination of audits carried out at EPFL by the Federal Audit Office, the ETH Board’s internal audit department and other control bodies.

Monitoring the implementation of audit recommendations.


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