Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA)

The VPA ensures EPFL’s excellence in education and research by bringing together five associate Vice Presidencies.

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The Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA) oversees EPFL’s activities in the core missions of education and research. Bringing together these activities within a single vice presidency seeks to forge stronger ties between students, researchers, and staff members.The goals are to encourage scientific and technological advancements by combining a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences and engineering with adoption of best practices in university-level teaching and an integrated approach to education and research.

The VPA supports ground-breaking projects that leverage our School’s knowledge, draw on cross-disciplinary skills and coordinate the efforts of EPFL’s many research institutes and R&D centers, to contribute to the solution of today’s societal challenges.

Organizational structure

Jan S. Hesthaven © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2020

Vice President

Jan Hesthaven

Associate Vice Presidents

Associate Vice President for Education: Pierre Dillenbourg

Associate Vice President for Research: Ambrogio Fasoli

Associate Vice President for Post-Graduate Education: Luisa Lambertini

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Outreach: Kathryn Hess Bellwald

Associate Vice President for Centers and Platforms: Anna Fontcuberta i Morral


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