Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA)

The VPA ensures EPFL delivers excellence in research and education. It works through five associate Vice Presidencies.
Des étudiants sortant du Swisstech Convention Center lors de la rentrée 2017

© Alain Herzog / EPFL / 2018


The Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA) oversees our School’s efforts in its core missions of education and research. This approach of bringing together EPFL’s educational and research activities under a single division is designed to forge stronger ties among students, researchers and staff members.

The goals are to encourage scientific and technological advancements that respond to today’s societal challenges and to adopt best practices in university-level teaching.

The VPA supports ground-breaking projects that leverage our School’s knowledge, draw on cross-disciplinary skills and coordinate the efforts of EPFL’s many research institutes and R&D centers.

Organizational structure

Jan S. Hesthaven © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2020
Jan S. Hesthaven © Alain Herzog / EPFL 2020

Vice President

Jan Hesthaven

Associate Vice Presidents

Associate Vice President for Post-Graduate Education: Luisa Lambertini

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Outreach: Kathryn Hess Bellwald

Associate Vice President for Education: Pierre Dillenbourg

Associate Vice President for Research: Ambrogio Fasoli

Associate Vice President for Centers and Platforms: Anna Fontcuberta i Morral


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