Strategy and Innovation Compass

Vega stands at the intersection of technological excellence and strategic foresight.

We transform technological innovations into actionable business opportunities utilizing our deep expertise in strategic foresight and profound understanding of consumers and markets.

Your Challenges

Emerging tech is starting to disrupt our customers and our business. We must find new growth opportunities to reinvent our business.

Patricia, Head of Marketing and Consumer Experience

We see big, complex, industry transformations coming, but we can’t act on them without partners. It is difficult to find and align strategic partners around a common challenge.

Anthony, CEO

Our innovation portfolio has the relevant topics, but we can’t move projects forward without alignment.

Rob, Head of Innovation

Rapid technological advancements, shifting trends, and emerging consumer behaviors can paralyze decision-makers.

Standing still widens the gap between your strategy and rapidly evolving technological solutions degrading your competitiveness.

Staying ahead requires being the first to understand technological innovation and apply it to emerging market.

From evidence-based insights to implementation

Integrated Expertise

Vega combines profound customer insights with cutting-edge tech trends to navigate the technological landscape effectively.

Robust Methodology

We employ a rigorous approach, blending expert insights with robust data analytics to deliver actionable insights.

Customized Workshops

Tailored specifically to your organizational needs, our workshops provide clear and tangible outcomes that drive innovation and strategy.

Strategic Connections

Gain direct access to the EPFL (Swiss Innovation) ecosystem, enhancing your strategic capabilities through collaborations with leading scientific and technological experts.

Our mission is to integrate emerging technology into your business strategies, helping you to anticipate and exploit emerging opportunities for sustained growth and innovation.  

We support you and your organization

Single-firm deep dive

Highly customized workshops tailored to your organization and specific innovation challenges to:

  • Identify growth opportunities and possible disruptions.
  • De-risk your innovation portfolio and assess for robustness.
  • Align along an understanding of changing consumer, societal, and technological trends and their impact near- and mid-term.

Multi-stakeholder events

  • Strengthen key strategic partnerships to address systemic challenges.
  • Drive collective action and refine collaboration opportunities.

Mid- and long-term scenario planning

  • Assess your strategy for robustness across potential futures.
  • Identify potential disruptions specific to your industry and/or along the value chain.


Dr. Thomas Robinson – Head of Strategic Foresight

Formerly the Head of Foresight at SBB and Head of User Trends and Insights at Swisscom.  15+ years of experience in corporate strategy, foresight, customer intelligence, and innovation. Anthropologist by training, expert in foresight, technology adoption and in market and customer insights.


We do not write trend reports or similar decorations for bookshelves or drawers. We interact with our client firms via customized workshops based on their specific situation and needs (e.g. find growth opportunities, build resilient strategies, innovation portfolio review through an external 360-degree perspective).

We focus on disruptive technologies that have systemic impact, such as plastics and sustainability and generative AI. We also cover specific topics based on client requests.

We work on bespoke models, ranging from single-day workshops to series of workshops depending on the client firm’s needs and objectives.


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