KNOVA for Corporates and SMEs

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How to build and feed your innovation pipeline ? How to be more strategic in your innovation ecosystem engagements ? What collaboration format and which stakeholders are more appropriate to your purpose/ objective?

KNOVA is a one-year Open Innovation Platform designed to help companies make the most of the resources and opportunities available within the EPFL ecosystem.

Through events, workshops, and networking activities, this Open Innovation platform facilitates collaboration between startups, researchers, and industry. It supports companies in being more strategic in their innovation ecosystem engagement, helps participants identify and launch innovation projects.

By the end of the year, you will have:

  • a clearer understanding of how to work with academia and research institutes to deploy your open innovation strategies
  • made connections with the EPFL ecosystem to explore joint innovation opportunities.
  • started launching collaboration projects with relevant stakeholders

Value proposition for Corporate & SMEs  

Do you want to know how your company could benefit from KNOVA?

KNOVA members 2024


No, this Open Innovation Platform is meant to be hands-on, focused on your company’s innovation pipeline, and should contribute to nurturing it.

One year, renewable. 

Each year in February.

This Open Innovation Platform gives you access to a program designed to actively help your company grow and improve its innovation pipeline. It includes both in-person events and activities, as well as ongoing support from a dedicated account manager.

Participation requires a minimum of 3 days per month of on-site attendance for events, workshops, and networking. The rest of the time, you will be working with your account manager and company to further develop the innovation pipeline.

Average 10-20% of your work week, depending on your objectives.

A maximum of 2 people per company can join the KNOVA Open Innovation Platform.

To be successful in this role, the person should have extensive experience with innovation within your organization and have strong connections to both the R&D teams and business strategy management. A background in both technical fields and business can be particularly helpful for this role, as it will allow them to effectively communicate with researchers and identify business opportunities based on technical capabilities.

Past experiences have shown that the quality of internal connections is crucial for successfully implementing innovation projects. Past and present profiles include: Innovation Manager, Product Innovation Manager, Director Innovation Management etc.


Any questions related to the KNOVA Open Innovation Platform?
Please contact: [email protected]