KNOVA for EPFL Researchers and Startups

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Does my research have potential applications in a specific industry ? Is my product a fit for a market ?

Whether you are a startup looking to grow your business or a researcher seeking new opportunities to apply your expertise, KNOVA can help you create meaningful connections with their company members and drive innovation forward.

Through a variety of events, workshops, and networking activities, KNOVA provides a platform for the industry to connect with EPFL startups or researchers.

This Open Innovation Platform is designed to create connections and support the different stakeholders (corporates, startups and research labs) in exploring and building win win collaborations .

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals!

Opportunities for EPFL Researchers and Startups

KNOVA Industry Challenges Platform 

In addition to our dedicated team of account managers who actively scout and identify opportunities for companies in our ecosystem, we are happy to introduce a platform  that enables companies to submit open challenges to engage our vibrant EPFL community directly. 

KNOVA members 2024

Do you want to know how your research or product  could benefit from collaborating with KNOVA participants? Or want to get in touch with some of the companies?

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Researcher: From conversation on industry challenges to research collaboration. Please contact our team for more details regarding your case.

Startup: from feedback on market fit to pilot project.
Please contact our team for more details regarding your case.

Email: [email protected]

Collaborations can take place at any time.
The cohorts of companies begin in February of each year and last for one year.

Start by booking a meeting by filling out the form above and our team will contact you.

Taking part in KNOVA with your research of startup is free of charge.


Any questions related to the KNOVA Open Innovation Platform?
Please contact: [email protected]