SBB – EPFL Research Initiative Organisation

Members of the Scientific Committee 

For SBB: 

Nicolas Ecoffey – Head of Corporate Development 

Isabel Götz – Head of Research, Scenarios and Open Innovation 

Representative of Division / Business Unit Infrastructure 

Representative of Division / Business Unit Passenger Marketing / Production 

For EPFL: 

Prof. Michel Bierlaire – Transport and Mobility Laboratory

Prof. Olga FinkIntelligent Maintenance Operations Systems Laboratory

Prof. François MaréchalIndustrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering Group

Dr. Robert Giezendanner-Thoben Vice Presidency for Innovation

Role of the Scientific Committee

The role of the SC is to: 

  • Launch the Call for Proposals, typically once a year. 
  • Evaluate the scientific aspect of projects and suggest changes to proposals.
  • Decide on the projects to be funded.
  • Define the appropriate type of agreement in accordance with SBB, the laboratory/ies and TTO of EPFL. 
  • Follow-up the research results and advice for potential continuation. 


Vice Presidency for Innovation

EPFL Innovation Park, Building J

CH – 1015 Lausanne

[email protected]