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Urbio receives support from Tech4Impact

— The recent start-up from EPFL Valais just received a Playgrant from Tech4Impact. This is the third grant obtained by the start-up since the beginning of the year.

Public thesis defense: Paul Stadler

— On July 5, 2019, Paul Stadler successfully defended his PhD thesis in front of a public audience. The title of the thesis is "Model-based sizing of building energy systems with renewable sources".

Digitizing urban and energy planning

— In their last edition, the magazine Propriété focused on the digitization of urban planning and architecture. Interviewed on page 23, the team behind urbio present their decision support platform, and discuss how teamwork between human experts and computers is essential for developing sustainable cities.

New approach to energy strategy accounts for uncertainty

— EPFL scientists have developed a model that can help policymakers factor in uncertainty when they map out their energy strategies. Today such strategies are based largely on forecasts of fuelprices, technology costs and energy demand. However, these forecasts are often incorrect and can lead to flawed decisions.

Using 60% less water in paper production

— An EPFL researcher has developed a mathematical model for optimizing heat transfer in factories and dramatically reducing water and energy consumption. The model could, in theory, cut water use by 60% at a Canadian paper mill and allow the facility to produce as much as six times more power.

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