The goal of the IPESE (Industrial Process and Energy Systems Engineering) research group is to develop process systems engineering methods and tools for the analysis and synthesis of efficient and more sustainable thermo-chemical processes.

The aim is to develop computer-aided process system engineering methods that apply:

  • Pinch technology
  • Energy technologies integration
  • Systems and process synthesis (system modeling)
  • Thermo-economic and environomic multi-objective optimization

to increase the productivity of energy resources through a better process integration and the use of polygeneration principles with a focus on energy integrated sites and the network design.

IPESE research

The main domains of activities are

Rational use of energy and water in industrial processes. Identify energy saving options and
optimize the process operating conditions.

Process systems design for efficient energy conversion systems. Computer-aided methods for selecting equipments, defining their size and the optimal operating conditions and process configurations.

Large scale integration of energy systems using networks (Industrial ecology concept).Decision support methods for the optimal design of urban energy systems.

Energy systems optimization in support of decision-making. Representation of energy flows from supplies to demands contributing to investment and operation strategies.