EPFL individual credit card (CCC)

Who is subject to the directive?

All EPFL employees are subject to the Directive concerning the use of credit cards at EPFL (LEX 5.6.4).


Introduction of an individual credit card – aslo called corporate credit card (CCC) in the EPFL Management Tool

The directive on the use of credit cards at EPFL (LEX 5.4.1) applies to all units and persons holding at least one of the two types of EPFL credit cards:

  • Individual credit cards (CCC): these are made available to the Heads of Unit and to frequent travelers and are to be used exclusively for travel expenses and related expenses.
  • Purchase credit cards (more information about this type of card).

The official EPFL purchasing channels must be respected.


Individual credit cards (CCC): what you need to know

  • The procurement of an individual credit card (CCC) for Heads of Unit is not subject to validation. This right is associated with the Accred role, ‘Head of Unit’.
  • Heads of Unit may allocate an individual credit card (CCC) to any individual in their Unit who completes 5 or more instances of professional travel over the course of one calendar year (frequent traveler).
  • The card holder must work under an employment contract with EPFL.
  • This method of payment is intended exclusively for the payment of the holder’s travel expenses and related expenses worth less than CHF 5,000 per transaction and does not replace the EPFL recommended purchasing channels.
  • This method of payment does not authorize cash withdrawals in Switzerland or abroad.
  • Find the individual credit card pre-order form in the “useful documents” section.


Holder of an EPFL individual credit card (CCC)?

1 – Only use their credit card to cover travel expenses and additional related expenses on behalf of EPFL (see Annex 1 LEX 5.4.1).

2 – Respect the provisions of the Directive concerning professional travel and the reimbursement of expenses (LEX 5.6.1).

3 – Declare any private purchases and present them as such in the expense claim. Private expenses are to be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed. If the private expenses exceed the amount to be reimbursed, the excess amount shall be deducted from the next month’s salary.

4 – Document all expenses equal to or exceeding CHF 100.- in the expense claim.

5 – For expenses below CHF 100, supporting information shall be provided where necessary (names of persons present at a meal, for example). Original supporting documents are to be retained until the closing of the expense claim.

6 – Assign expenses to an expense claim as soon as possible and preferably during the month in progress.

7 – Never share the individual credit card (CCC) or its access codes.

All transactions performed with individual credit cards (CCC) are automatically uploaded in the Expense management tool each month.

Each cardholder earmarks its expenses to the correct Expense report. Expenses are recorded once the expense report is approved.

• Credit cards may be used only for those transactions listed in Annex 1, such as train ticket outside of Switzerland, accommodation for travelers, rental car or entertainment expenses.

• Credit cards may not be used for the purchase of equipment to be inventoried.

The monthly limit per individual credit card (CCC) is CHF 10’000.- If it is not sufficient, a request for a temporary increase can be addressed to the accounting department.


Safety rules and regulations

The number, the expiry date and the CVV number of all credit cards shall not be divulged to third parties and may not under any circumstances be reproduced on another medium.

• Credit card data may only be transmitted on a secure site.

• With the exception of communicating with the EPFL Travel Agency, no credit card data may be transmitted by telephone, email or any other form of electronic message, or on paper.

• No order must be placed using a credit card from computers or computing centres accessible to the public.

• If no other solution is possible, the browser cache must be deleted after logging out.


Measures in case of non-compliant credit card operations

Measures ranging from a warning to withdrawal of the credit card may be taken in case of non-compliant operations. These notably include:

• Individual purchase exceeding the limits (CHF 5,000.- per transactions).

• Misuse of credit card by unauthorised persons.

• Failure to comply with the operational rules / unauthorised purchases.



The Unit assumes full financial damages resulting from the non-delivery of purchased goods or services, fraud or improper use of the credit card.


Useful Links:

LEX 5.4.1 – Directive on the use of credit cards at EPFL
LEX 5.6.1 – Directive on professional travel and the reimbursement of expenses
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Contact information

For expense reports: contact finance support: [email protected]