Poster and Demo sessions

Two poster sessions are organized in the context of the IC School 20th Celebration & Alumni Reunion on November 5, 2022, in the EPFL SPOT

  • 10:30 – 12:00 
  • 15:30 – 17:00
Ali AnsariServer Benchmarking with CloudSuite 4.0Parallel System Architecture Lab (PARSA)
Akhil AroraA Citical Re-evaluation of Neural Methods for Entity AlignmentData Science Lab (DLAB)
Akhil AroraLow-Rank Subspaces for Unsupervised Entity LinkingData Science Lab (DLAB)
Akhil AroraQuote Erat Demonstrandum: A Web Interface for Exploring the Quotebank CorpusData Science Lab (DLAB)
Akhil AroraWikipedia Reader Navigation: When Synthetic Data is EnoughData Science Lab (DLAB)
Roman Bachmann, David MizrahiMultiMAE: Multi-modal Multi-task Masked AutoencodersVisual Intelligence and Learning Lab (VILAB)
Atri BhattacharyyaMidas: Systematic Kernel TOCTTOU ProtectionHexHive
Samuel ChassotSVSHI: Secured and Verified Smart Home InfrastructureDependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)
Kasra EdalatNejadDatashareNetwork: a decentralized privacy-preserving search engine for investigative journalistsSecurity and Privacy Engineering Lab (SPRING)
Laila El-HamamsyAre Primary School Computer Science curricular reforms achieving equity goals? Impact on student learningMobile Robotic Systems Group (MOBOTS)
Laila El-HamamsyAre Primary School Computer Science curricular reforms achieving equity goals? Impact on student perceptionMobile Robotic Systems Group (MOBOTS)
Laila El-HamamsyThe competent Computational Thinking (cCT) test : Development & validation of an unplugged CT test for upper primary schoolMobile Robotic Systems Group (MOBOTS)
Benoît GuillardDeep learning for shape reconstruction and optimizationComputer Vision Lab (CvLAB)
Siddharth GuptaRebooting Virtual Memory with MidgardParallel System Architecture Lab (PARSA)
Vishal Gupta Komb: Transparent Combining for KernelRobust Scalable Systems Software Lab (RS3LAB)
Samah HusseinSeeing through Fog: High-Resolution Millimeter Wave Imaging for Self-Driving CarsLab of Sensing and Networking Systems (SENS)
Oğuzhan Fatih Kar3D Common Corruptions and Data AugmentationVisual Intelligence and Learning Lab (VILAB)
Dina MahmoudRemote Electrical-Level Attacks on Cloud FPGAsParallel System Architecture Lab (PARSA)/ Stojilovic
Rob MillsRobotic systems that observe and modulate collective behaviours in honeybeesMobile Robotic Systems Group (MOBOTS)
Christian MouchetMultiparty homomorphic encryption and the Lattigo libraryLaboratory for Data Security (LDS)
Solal PirelliA Simpler and Faster NIC Driver Model for Network FunctionsDependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)
Solal PirelliAutomated Verification of Network Function BinariesDependable Systems Lab (DSLAB)
Konstantinos PrasopoulosSIRD: A fully receiver-driven datacenter transport with shallow network queuesData Center Systems Lab (DCSL)
Aunn RazaProteus: taming heterogeneity through virtualization & JIT adaptivityData-Intensive Applications & Systems Lab (DIAS)
Sinem SavPrivacy-Preserving Federated Biomedical AnalyticsLaboratory for Data Security (LDS)
Aswin Suresh War of Words II: Enriched Models of Law-Making ProcessesInformation and Network Dynamics Lab (INDY1)
Ekaterina SvikhnushinaA Taxonomy of Empathetic Questions in Social DialogsHuman-Computer Interaction Group (HCI)
Vinitra SwamyBias at a Second Glance: A Deep Dive into Bias for German Educational Peer-Review Data ModelingMachine Learning for Education Lab (ML4ED)
Vinitra Swamy Interpreting Language Models through Knowledge Graph ExtractionMachine Learning and Optimization Lab (MLO),
Machine Learning for Education Lab (ML4ED)
Teresa YeoRobustness via Cross-Domain EnsemblesVisual Intelligence and Learning Lab (VILAB)
Chen ZhaoFusing Local Similarities for Retrieval-based 3D Orientation Estimation of Unseen ObjectsComputer Vision Lab (CvLAB)
Diyu ZhouOdinFS: Scaling PM Performance with Opportunistic DelegationRobust Scalable Systems Software Lab (RS3LAB)
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