Declic Workshops for young people

In the age of the Internet and social networks, e-mails, chat messages, photos, songs, and videos are constantly exchanged. Communication networks allow this information to circulate almost instantly around the globe. This new world enabled my computer and communications systems is gaining more and more importance and it will be crucial for everyone to know how to influence it. Understanding the digital universe is one of the main challenges of our society. Would you like to start understanding this technology? Our Declic workshops are an excellent first training.


Toi aussi, crée ton appli

The purpose of this workshop is to program a mobile phone application. How? By creating a program and having fun sharing and communicating information between friends. This workshop is for girls aged 13 to 15.

Nature, in code

During the camp, you will learn the basics of programming in Javascript. You will then be able to code fundamental biological concepts and analyze their impact on nature. Come code your own simulations at EPFL and share the results with your friends!

Internet & Code pour les filles

The practical course ”Internet & Code for Girls” gives young girls the opportunity and means to familiarize themselves safely and in a fun way with computers, the global network and learn about graphic programming.


Algorithms ? Programming? They’re absolutely everywhere in your daily life. Come and find out how…

Study Week | Coding Camp

The digital think tank: Develop innovative solutions for information and communication technology.

Previous Workshops

Here you can find pictures and the programs of previous workshops.


We are always interested in creating more workshops. If you would like to share your ideas or if you have any questions, please contact Barbara Jobstmann.