Computer and Communication Sciences

Our doctoral program covers all areas of computer science and of information and communication theory, from its mathematical foundations to systems, platforms, and interdisciplinary applications. With roughly sixty faculty members affiliated with the program, it is one of the largest and most competitive doctoral programs on campus.


Admission to our program is centralized and highly competitive. The program supports all admitted students financially at competitive salaries. At the time of enrollment in the doctoral program, a student must have a Master’s degree or a 4- or 5-year Bachelor’s degree, with a strong background in computer science, communication systems, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, or a related field.


Applications must be submitted prior to December 15. This is the primary deadline for admission to the program, with an invitation to our Open House for the fellowship recipients. There is a secondary round of admissions starting April 15 where a relatively much smaller number of candidates who did not apply in the first round are considered.

Open House 2018

Upcoming public defenses


Prof. Matthias Grossglauser

Eileen Hazboun (Coordinator)
Anna Cecilia Chapuis
Madeleine Robert

EPFL EDIC program
INN 134
CH-1015 Lausanne

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