Bachelor in Communication Systems

Creating an interconnected world

In the Internet age, information circulates at an increasingly vertiginous rate: data, photos, music, and videos are continuously exchanged. Communication networks allow this information to circulate across the globe in the blink of an eye and have placed the world at our fingertips. And yet if this new world seems easy to navigate, the study of this subtle universe where mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering merge is truly fascinating. To study communication systems is to be at the heart of the challenges facing our society.

Communication systems, the fabric of our society

Being able to access information everywhere despite noise and interference, sharing and using this information, encoding it, designing reliable and efficient networks, ensuring that information is transmitted securely, protecting users through data encryption, capturing and editing sound and images; this wide range of courses during your studies is a reflection of diversity in our society. Information is power, and as a communication systems engineer you will have a real impact on the world.