Academic commission


  • Ensure that all lessons that are part of the curriculum of the sections comply with the objectives of the required education.
  • Prepare an annual report containing the conclusions from the study of the quality of the examinations, the analysis of the examination protocols, the evaluation criteria, the grading scales, and the general appreciation of the teaching material.
  • Develop a set of recommendations designed to improve the possible weaknesses in the structure or teaching methods of the courses.



  • Prof. Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Associate Dean for Education

Section directors

  • Prof. Karl Aberer, Director of the section SIN
  • Prof. Serge Vaudenay, Director of the section SSC

Deputy of the sections

  • Eileen Hazboun


  • Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki
  • Prof. Katerina Argyraki
  • Prof. Thomas Bourgeat
  • Prof. Babak Falsafi
  • Prof. George Candea
  • Prof. Michael Kapralov
  • Prof. Viktor Kuncak
  • Prof. Olivier Lévêque
  • Prof. Martin Jaggi
  • Prof. Clément Pit-Claudel
  • Prof. Emre Telatar
  • Prof. Carmela Troncoso
  • Prof. Rüdiger Urbanke
  • Prof. Wenzel Jakob


  • Martine Emery
Meeting Calendar

Autumn 2023

  • To be determined