Bachelor in Computer Science

Omniscient computer science

It’s difficult to imagine a world without Computer Science – it’s anchored in all of our society’s infrastructures. We use it in a vast array of technology ranging from micro-sensors – that are invisible to the naked eye – to high-performance machines that can fill an entire room. We entrust computers with tasks whose complexity exceeds everything that humans have been able to build thus far. The study of Computer Science allows us to understand the intricacies of technology and how we can use it to solve problems.

Computer science: a multi-faceted science

Imagining applications, designing the architecture of computers and servers, solving problems using algorithmic models, storing, transforming and using information, developing programming languages, getting acquainted with software engineering; more than just a tool, computer science is indeed a science at the service of society, with multiple unexpected facets that you will have the opportunity to discover during your studies.