Master with specialization in Computer Science for teaching

This master is a joint program between EPFL and HEP-VD aiming at the education of high school teachers in Computer Science in Switzerland.

It spreads over 120 + 9 ECTS credits, with a first year corresponding to a Computer Science (IN), Communication Systems (CS) or Data Science (DS) master, and a second year comprising the master project, as well as specialization courses at HEP.

Please note that all courses at HEP are taught in French, and that students will be required to teach in French during their 2nd-year internship in a high school.

At the end of their studies, students obtain a Computer Science, Communication Systems or Data Science master, accompanied with a teaching diploma in Computer Science at the high school level.

Detailed program

Year 1

equivalent to the Master cycle in IN, SC or DS:

  • 30 ECTS courses from group I – core courses
  • 12 ECTS courses from group II – options
  • 6 ECTS SHS courses, replaced by a course at HEP:
    Apprentissage, développement et enseignement (MSENS31 – 6 ECTS)
  • 12 ECTS semester project

At least 50 ECTS, including the course at HEP and the group I – core courses, must have been obtained in order to start the specialization in year two.

Year 2

Consisting of the PDM (30 ECTS) and the specialization courses at HEP (30 ECTS), with for each semester:

  • 6 ECTS computer science didactics courses at HEP
  • 9 ECTS practice courses (internship & integration seminar)
  • In parallel, 15 ECTS PDM part-time at EPFL (preceded by a summer internship in the industry) or in a company

The 9 additional ECTS correspond to the balance of the education sciences modules and are taken the following year at the HEP, outside the EPFL Master’s program. Here is the list of these HEP courses:

  • Relation pégagogique et climat de classe (MSISO31 – 6 ECTS)

and one optional course (3 ECTS) among the following:

  • Le développement de l’adolescent (MSDEV33)
  • Evaluation des apprentissages (MSENS33)
  • Altérités et intégrations (MSISO33)
  • Systèmes éducatifs, organisations, acteurs, savoirs (MSSYS33)

Registrations and deadlines:

Similar to the other masters, the registration deadline (for students from other sections or outside of EPFL) is April 15 of the academic year preceding the beginning of the master.

Prior to that, please refer to the admission criteria for the Master in Computer science, Communication systems or Data science.

The registration deadline with the section is June 30 of the academic year preceding the beginning of the master. Please send an email to [email protected] and [email protected]

Furthermore, students must register to the HEP-VD programme in January during their first year of master. All the information regarding this registration can be found here. When registering be sure to mention that you belong to this special program, which allows you to register without the completed master.

For any further information, please contact [email protected] and [email protected]