2006 – 2007

Time and place: on Tuesdays at 5:15 PM in room INR 113

Organizers: Suhas Diggavi and Olivier Leveque


Date Speaker Title
November 14 David Tse, EECS Dept, UC Berkeley Gaussian Interference Channel Capacity to Within One Bit (Slides)
November 28 Mathilde Durvy, LCA, EPFL A Backoff Mechanism to Achieve Full Organization? (Slides)
Thursday, December 7 11:15 AM, room INR 113 Onkar Dabeer, Tata Institute, Bombay Signal Parameter Estimation with Dithered 1-Bit Quantization (Slides)
December 12 Igal Sason, EE Dept, Technion Information-Theoretic Bounds on the Parity-Check Density of LDPC Codes: Old and New Results (Slides)



Date Speaker Title
January 9 Lorenz Minder, ALGO, EPFL Cryptanalysis of the Sidelnikov System
Wednesday, January 17 11:15 AM, room BC 410 Aslan Tchamkerten, RLE, MIT Tracking Stopping Times (Slides)
Friday, January 19 5:15 PM, room INR 113 Gerhard Kramer, Bell Labs Information Theory for Two-Message, Two-Receiver Broadcast Channels
January 23 Florence Bénézit, LCA/LCAV, EPFL Markov Chains on Balanced Trees and Application to Average Consensus
February 13, 4:45 PM Chao Tian, LICOS, EPFL Hypothesis Testing Under Successive Refinement Communication Constraints
Friday, February 23 11:15 AM, room INR 113 Mérouane Debbah, Eurecom Free Deconvolution for Signal Processing Applications (Slides)
February 27 Iryna Andriyanova, LTHC, EPFL A New Family of Asymptotically Good Codes with High Iterative Decoding Performances: Tail-Biting Trellis LDPC Codes (Slides)
Monday, March 12 12:15 PM, room INR 113 Raymond Knopp, Eurecom Two-way Wireless Communication via a Relay Station (Slides)
March 13 Patrick Vandewalle, LCAV, EPFL Super-Resolution from Unregistered Aliased Signals (Slides)
March 27 Christof Faller, LCAV, EPFL and Illusonic Matrix Surround Revisited
April 3 Marat Burnashev, Russian Academy of Sciences Code Spectrum and Reliability Function: Binary Symmetric Channel
April 10 Easter break
Monday, April 23 2:00 PM, room INR 113 Yong Liang Guan, NTU, Singapore Full-Diversity O-STBC and QO-STBC with Minimum Decoding Complexity, Constant Full Rate or Code Rate > 1
May 15 10:15 AM, room INR 113 Patrick Denantes, LCA, EPFL Choosing the Best Averaging Strategy in a Time-varying Network