Master semester / Master thesis projects

Note: Some of the projects proposed on this page can be considered for either Master semester project or Master thesis project, the extent of the project and research being then adapted accordingly.

  • Quantum constraint satisfaction problems (SMILS)

    In this project we want to investigate quantum versions of constraint satisfaction problems such as K-sat. Suppose we have N quantum bits (spins 1/2) with M constraints that act on them…

  • Message passing for Quantum Models (SMILS)

    In this project we want to develop message passing techniques for simple quantum spin models on graphs…                                           

  • Universal prediction and alpha-mutual information

    In this project we wish to study — through some experimental work (with MATLAB or Python) — the performance of a newly-devised class of predictors that estimate data sequences when the information about the distribution generating it is limited. The predictors are based on a generalized definition of mutual information.