2007 – 2008

Organizers: Suhas Diggavi and Olivier Leveque

Spring Semester 2007-2008

Time and place: on Thursdays at 4:00 PM in room INR 113

speaker date title
Emina Soljanin, Bell Labs and ALGO. EPFL February 28 On wiretap networks (abstract)
Suhas Diggavi, LICOS, EPFL March 6 Wireless network information flow (abstract)
Sae-Young Chung, EECS – KAIST Friday, April 4, 11:15 AM Beyond Linear Capacity Scaling in Wireless Networks(abstract)
Emina Soljanin, Bell Labs and ALGO. EPFL Friday, April 11, 11:15 AM Hybrid ARQ: Theory, State of the Art, and Future Directions (abstract)
Nicolas Macris, LTHC, EPFL April 17 Tight Bounds on the Capacity of Binary Input Random CDMA Systems (abstract)
Urs Niesen, LIDS – MIT May 15 On Capacity Scaling in Arbitrary Wireless Networks (abstract)
Walter Willinger, AT&T Monday, May 26, 4:00 PM From Data to Knowledge: A Lesson in Network Modeling (abstract)
Hans-Andrea Loeliger, ETH May 29, 2:15PM On the Static Sccuracy of Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converters with Low-Precision Components
Robert Calderbank, Math and EE, Princeton Friday, June 20, 2:00 PM Coding Theory and Compressive Sensing (abstract)

Fall semester 2007-2008

Time and place: on Thursdays at 2:15 PM in room INR 113

speaker date title
Lorenzo Keller, ARNI, EPFL Mon, Oct 8, 4:00 PM Linear Coding with Feedback for Broadcast Communications (abstract)
Mahdi Jafari Siavoshani,
Wed, Oct 10 On Randomized Network Coding Properties and their Application (abstract)
Stephane Musy, LTHI, EPFL Oct 25 Variable Length Codes for Multiple-Access Channels (abstract)
Shan-Yuan Ho, LTHI, EPFL Nov 8 An Adaptive (Optimal?) Algorithm for Finding a Flat in Lausanne (abstract)
Persa Kyritsi, Aalborg University, Denmark Mon, Nov 12, 4:15 PM Can We Use Time-reversal for Wireless Communications? (abstract)
Ashutosh Sabharwal, Rice University and LICOS, EPFL Nov 15 Two-way Channels (Feedback Studied Right ?) (abstract)
Melda Yuksel, TOBB ETU, Ankara, Turkey Nov 22 Reliability, Rate and Security in Cooperative Networks (abstract)
Emmanuel Abbe, LIDS – MIT Dec 13 Linear Universal Decoding: a Euclidean Geometric Approach (abstract)