Entrepreneurship training

Bachelor programs

IC Courses

  • The Software Enterprise: from Ideas to Products [CS-311]. This course teaches the journey taken by software engineering teams from incipient ideas to software products that solve real problems for real people. The combination of technical and product-management skills acquired in this course will enable students to build effective software products in teams, either within an existing organization or as founders of their own startups.

Social and Human Sciences (SHS) Program 

  • Bachelor students can access the SHS-MGT courses in Management & Finance, including “Introduction to entrepreneurship”.
Master programs

IC Courses

  • AI Product Management [CS-500]. The course focuses on the development of real-world AI/ML products. It is intended for students who have acquired a theoretical background in AI/ML and are interested in applying it to the development of AI/ML-oriented products.
  • Introduction to IT Consulting [CS-491]. This course is an introduction to matching business needs with the opportunities offered by information technology. Using a simulated business case, students will learn how to define the requirements for an IT service that meets the implicit desires of stakeholders.


Master’s project

  • Consider carrying out your Master’s project in your startup even if it is not yet incorporated. You will receive academic support from an EPFL lab and business advice from a professional coach at EPFL Innovation Park. You will also have an alumni mentor as a buddy during the semester. You will be hosted by either an EPFL lab or EPFL Innovation Park, under the supervision of one or the other.
Other offers
  • The Startup Launchpad at the Vice Presidency for Innovation has launched several programs aimed at supporting the incubation phase of startup projects with funding and expertise. 
  • EPFL Changemakers is a twelve-week program for students who want to boost their innovation and entrepreneurial skills and turn their ideas into a real-life project.
  • The Blaze EPFL Startup Accelerator works, every semester with promising student startup projects, to help students incorporate and deploy their startups on the market before the end of the three-month program.
  • The Swiss Innovation Agency Training ofInnosuisse Business Concept is powered by EPFL Innovation Park Foundation. It is a free, yet competitive, program spanning 3.5 months. It is designed and given by experienced entrepreneurs and company executives. The objectives are to shape a venture idea into a viable business, to improve students’ business skills, to build a strong network with entrepreneurs and company executives and/or investors, and to prepare our students to embark on their professional journey as entrepreneurs or innovators within a company. Next courses and application (mandatory): https://www.science2market.ch/training