Declic Workshops for young people

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It is hard to imagine a world without computers. Computers help us with extremely complicated tasks, which we could not perform without them. The same is true for communication systems. In the age of the Internet, information is produced, processed and exchanged at a tremendous speed: every day millions of photos, music pieces or videos are uploaded … come and discover the digital world in our Déclic workshops.

Alkindi Competition

The Alkindi competition is a cryptography competition open to the 10th and 11th year secondary classes. It is organized by the associations Animath, France-ioi and the EPFL.

Bolo Museum

Le Musée Bolo figure parmi les principaux musées d’informatique en Europe. Un projet ambitieux de professionnalisation est en cours. L’objectif du musée qui sera doté d’une muséographie très moderne : expliquer le futur numérique à l’aide des expériences du passé et du présent.


Algorithms ? Programming? They’re absolutely everywhere in your daily life. Come and find out how…