Teaching committees

Computer Science Section (SIN)

Prof. Karl Aberer, Director of the section
Deputy Head of Section
Eileen Hazboun
Professors within the section
Prof. Michael Kapralov
Prof. Bryan Ford
PhD student
Gilbert Maystre
Dr. Jean-Cédric Chappelier
Claire Lopez (Bachelor, 1st year)
Nicolas Ettlin (Bachelor, 2nd year)
Alexis Schlomer (Bachelor, 3rd year)
Sebastian Velez de Villa (Master, Computer Science)
Julien Ben Haim (Master, Computer Science)
Léa Micheloud (Master, Cyber Security)
Bérangère Colbois (Master Cyber Security)
Permanent guests
Jean-Luc Benz, Mobility Delegate
Cecilia Bigler, Antonella Veltro, Elise van Eijs

Communication Systems Section (SSC)

Prof. Serge Vaudenay, Director of the Section
Deputy of Section
Eileen Hazboun
Section Teachers
Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec
Prof. Patrick Thiran
PhD student
Simon Guilloud
MER Olivier Lévêque
Guillaume Matthey-Doret (Bachelor, 1st year)
Khadija Tagemouati (Bachelor, 2nd year)
Salim Najib (Bachelor, 3rd year)
Tom Demont (Master, Communication Systems)
Manon Michel (Master, Communication Systems)
Julian Blackwell (Master, Data Science)
Ghali Chraibi (Master, Data Science)
Permanent guests
Jean-Luc Benz, Mobility Delegate
Martine Emery, Carole Dauphin
Meeting Calendar

Spring 2022:

  • Thursday, May 12, at 12:15, Room BC05

Autumn 2022:

  • To be determined