Master project

The purpose of a Master’s Project
The purpose of a Master’s Project is to develop deeper knowledge, understanding, and capabilities on a topic related to the student’s program of study, and to demonstrate the ability to conduct independent work in research or advanced development.

The scope of the Master’s Project is developed by the student, the supervising professor – and if the project is conducted in industry – the job supervisor.
Tackling a new problem to solve
The Master’s Project must involve more than just learning, it must include a well defined component that tackles a new problem for which no solution currently exists. Finding and assessing a solution is the core of the project. If the project is conducted within a company, this component must be applicable beyond the confines of the company — it must add to the knowledge base of the technical community. Whether or not a component meets the requirements of the section is determined by the supervising professor, and final decision lies with the section director and associate dean.
The Master’s Thesis
The Master’s Thesis is a description of the important parts of the Master’s project, its initial goals, its major steps, and its final results. This also includes a discussion of lessons learned, alternatives identified in hindsight, and possible future steps. If a project is conducted in industry, only part of the work conducted within the company can be viewed as research and development. The thesis focuses on these parts of the work that demonstrates the formulation of the main problem, addressing it, developing solutions for it and assessing these solutions.

Master’s Project duration

  • 18 weeks (including 1 vacation week) at EPFL, and for Cyber students also at ETHZ
  • 26 weeks (including 1 vacation week) in the industry or in another university

Possible starting dates for the Master’s Project

  • Autumn semester: from 1st August to 1st October (for Cyber students, from 1st September to 1st October)
  • Spring semester: from 15th February to 1st March

(NB : the exams results must be known at time of starting your Master Project)

Submission date for the Master thesis report and oral defense

  • The submission date is calculated from the starting date, and confirmed by the Registrar’s office and the section.
  • The period possible for the oral defense will also be given by the Registrar’s office.
Further details (rules) on the Master’s Project are available here.
Registration for Spring 2022
  • You can find the registration form in the below “Forms” box.
  • To be submitted duly completed and signed by email to Mrs Patricia Genet, [email protected]
  • Deadline for submitting the form: Tuesday 21st December 2021
  • Registrations on IS-Academia will open : date to be confirmed
  • Deadline for registering on IS-Academia: Monday 17th January 2022

EPFL proposed projects

Projects in Computer Science

Available starting from mid-November for the Spring 2022 semester

Projects in Communication Systems

Available starting from mid-November for the Spring 2022 semester

Projects in Data Science

Available starting from mid-November for the Spring 2022 semester

Projects in Cyber Security

Available starting from mid-November for the Spring 2022 semester

Projects outside EPFL

Please contact Mrs Patricia Genet

Please send, within the submission deadline given by the Registrar’s office and the section, your Master thesis report electronically (in one single email) to the following people:

  • your supervising Professor
  • his lab secretary
  • the section secretary
  • your company or other university supervisor, if it applies

In case your project is not confidential, you need to upload your report on IS-Academia too.

  • Lists of the registrations to the master thesis projects are available on IS-Academia.
  • Information about the delivery of the grades is sent by the SAC.