Faculty Awards and Research Grants

Faculty Awards
2020Academia Europaea – MemberAnastasia Ailamaki
2019Academia Europaea – MemberChristoph Koch
2011Academia Europaea – MemberPierre Dillenbourg
2010Academia Europaea – MemberGiovanni De Micheli
2008Academia Europaea – MemberArjen Lenstra
2008Academia Europaea – MemberWilly Zwaenepoel
2017ACM FellowEdouard Bugnion
2016ACM FellowAnne-Marie Kermarrec
2015ACM FellowAnastasia Ailamaki
2015ACM FellowBabak Falsafi
2012ACM FellowRachid Guerraoui
2010ACM FellowJean-Pierre Hubaux
2009ACM FellowMartin Vetterli
2007ACM FellowMartin Odersky
2006ACM FellowJames Larus
2001ACM FellowGiovanni De Micheli
2000ACM FellowWilly Zwaenepoel
2019ACM/SIGDA Pioneering Achievement AwardGiovanni De Micheli
2019ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher AwardWenzel Jakob
2019ACM SIGMOD Innovation AwardAnastasia Ailamaki
2019ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software AwardSCALA
2009ACM Software Systems AwardEdouard Bugnion
2017American Academy of Arts and Sciences – Foreign Honorary MemberGiovanni De Micheli
2012Association for Advancement of Artificial Intelligence – FellowBoi Faltings
2019Chevalier de la Légion d’honneurAnne-Marie Kermarrec
2016EDAA Lifetime Achievement AwardGiovanni De Micheli
2019EDBT Test-of-Time AwardAnastasia Ailamaki, Babak Falsafi
2015EPFL Credit Suisse Award for Best TeachingJamila Sam, Jean-Cédric Chappelier
2010EPFL Credit Suisse Award for Best TeachingMartin Odersky
2008EPFL Credit Suisse Award for Best TeachingPatrick Thiran
2019EPFL Polyhere Award Katerina Argyraki
2018EPFL Polyhere AwardArjen Lenstra
2017EPFL Polysphere AwardAlain Wegmann
2016EPFL Polysphere AwardAmin Shokrollahi
2020EPFL Polysphere AwardSabine Süsstrunk
2019EPFL Teaching Award – IT and Communication SystemsJean-Yves Le Boudec
2018EPFL Teaching Award – Computing and Communication SystemsKaterina Argyraki
2017EPFL Teaching Award – Communication SystemsOlivier Lévêque, André Schiper
2016EPFL Teaching Award – Communication SystemsOlivier Lévêque
2015EPFL Teaching Award – Communication SystemsOlivier Lévêque
2007European Association for Signal Processing – FellowMartin Vetterli
2020Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40Carmela Troncoso
2019Google Security and Privacy AwardCarmela Troncoso
2020IEEE FellowMatthias Grossglauser
2018IEEE FellowAnastasia Ailamaki
2017IEEE FellowSabine Süsstrunk
2017IEEE FellowMichael Gastpar
2016IEEE FellowSandro Carrara
2014IEEE FellowPatrick Thiran
2012IEEE FellowBabak Falsafi
2012IEEE FellowPascal Fua
2012IEEE FellowEmre Telatar
2008IEEE FellowJean-Pierre Hubaux
2008IEEE FellowAmin Shokrollahi
2004IEEE FellowJean-Yves Le Boudec
2000IEEE FellowBixio Rimoldi
1999IEEE FellowJean-D. Decotignie
1998IEEE FellowWilly Zwaenepoel
1995IEEE FellowMartin Vetterli
1994IEEE FellowGiovanni De Micheli
2020IEEE/CEDA Richard Newton Technical Impact AwardGiovanni De Micheli
2017IEEE Jack S. Kilby Signal Processing MedalMartin Vetterli
2014IEEE Richard W. Hamming MedalRüdiger Urbanke
2012IEEE Richard W. Hamming MedalAmin Shokrollahi
2016IEEE Society Sensors Council Technical Achievement AwardSandro Carrara
2012IEEE Society Mac Van Valkenburg AwardGiovanni De Micheli
2010IEEE Society Signal Processing Society AwardMartin Vetterli
2008IEEE Society Tsutomu Kanai AwardWilly Zwaenepoel
2020IEEE Technical Field Gustav Robert Kirchoff AwardMartin Hasler
2011IEEE Technical Field Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications AwardRüdiger Urbanke
2007IEEE Technical Field Eric E. Sumner AwardAmin Shokrollahi
2003IEEE Technical Field Emanuel R. Piore AwardGiovanni De Micheli
2009International Association for Cryptologic Research – FellowArjen Lenstra
2018IS&T Raymond C. Bowman AwardSabine Süsstrunk
2013IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Scientist of the YearSabine Süsstrunk
2020Josiah Gibbs Lectures AwardLenka Zdeborova
2019National Academy of Sciences – Michael and Sheila Held PrizeOla Svensson
2014Society for Imaging Science and Technology – FellowSabine Süsstrunk
2008Society for Imaging Science and TechnologyRoger Hersch
2014Swiss ICT AwardMartin Odersky
2012Swiss ICT AwardWilly Zwaenepoel
2020Women in Database Research AwardAnastasia Ailamaki
Research Grants
2014ERC Advanced GrantGiovanni De Micheli
2013ERC Advanced GrantRachid Guerraoui
2010ERC Advanced GrantWulfram Gerstner
2010ERC Advanced GrantMartin Odersky
2009ERC Advanced GrantGiovanni De Micheli
2009ERC Advanced GrantPascal Fua
2009ERC Advanced GrantMartin Vetterli
2008ERC Advanced GrantAmin Shokrollahi
2013ERC Consolidator GrantAnastasia Ailamaki
2019ERC Proof-of-Concept GrantRachid Guerraoui
2012ERC Proof-of-Concept GrantPascal Fua
2011ERC Proof-of-Concept GrantAmin Shokrollahi
2020ERC Starting GrantWenzel Jakob
2019ERC Starting GrantMathias Payer
2017ERC Starting GrantMichael Kapralov
2014ERC Starting GrantKaterina Argyraki
2013ERC Starting GrantOla Svensson
2012ERC Starting GrantViktor Kuncak
2011ERC Starting GrantGeorge Candea
2011ERC Starting GrantChristoph Koch
2011ERC Starting GrantMatthias Seeger
2010ERC Starting GrantMichael Gastpar
2010ERC Starting GrantMark Pauly
2009ERC Starting GrantChristina Fragouli
2007ERC Starting GrantAnastasia Ailamaki
2019FNS Eccellenza GrantMathias Payer

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