While studying

  • Optional courses, for up to a maximum of 10 credits, can be chosen outside the study plan
  • These courses need to be accepted by the section. You can ask: Cecilia Bigler (IN)  / Martine Emery (SC) by indicating the URL of the other EPFL study plan or for the UNIL, where we can find information and the course description.
  • Registration deadline for project I (Autumn semester): August 31
  • Registration deadline for project I (Spring semester): January 31
  • These registration deadlines are only valid for the semester project, but not for the courses registration
  • You can choose your project either in an I&C Faculty laboratory or in other faculties according to the list found here on the web. The list will be updated as of April 30th, 2020.
  • The project registration needs to be done on the IS-Academia website. Before you register, you imperatively need to have the agreement from the project responsible person.

Course registration

Registration to courses is mandatory for all the sujects.

Exam registration

The exam registration is automatically generated by IS-Academia following your registration to the courses.