Master in Cyber Security

We hear about data breaches and attacks on critical infrastructure every day. How do we safeguard our information society? How do we promote trust? How do we engineer, in a principled way, an information infrastructure that has security built in from the start? These are the central questions of cyber security – an exciting and crucial research area within computer science.

A Joint-Degree Program

In collaboration with ETH Zurich, this master’s program offers a broad set of courses such as cryptography, formal methods, systems, network and wireless security. It provides both foundational and applied knowledge in this quickly expanding domain by exploiting expertise from both universities.

This program is mainly targeted at students who have a bachelor’s degree in either Computer Science or Communication Systems and offers their graduates excellent job perspectives.

  • Credits: 120 ECTS
  • Minimum 3 semesters of courses (with an average of 30 credits per semester), maximum 6 semesters of courses to complete the master’s cycle
  • Mandatory internship in industry, for a duration of 8 weeks only during the summer, or 6 months during a semester
  • A master’s project for a duration of 18 weeks (including 1 vacation week) if completed at EPFL, or 26 weeks (including 1 vacation week) if done in the industry or in another university (30 credits).